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We often are asked why we came to offer specifically the SeSDerma line of skin care. Inadvertently, a skin care physician who is a family friend was talking about the general products on the market and how many of them can cause more damage than they can contribute benefits to your skin. This Physician travels extensively on an annual basis to Europe, Brazil and other destinations that are host to the latest skin care innovations. He said that in his opinion the best ingredient in skin care is Vitamin C, an antioxidant, for prevention of damage to the skin caused by every day life. The C-VIT liposomal serum is an award winning product which we are proud to offer.Click to read more!

In terms of reversing the effects of age and environmental damage, frankly there is no miracle to date. The one ingredient that actually, in the Physicians opinion, is impressive for damage reversal is resveratrol. Resveraderm Anti-ox Cream is a product we are proud to offer. In his opinion, the products offered by the European based company SeSDerma are the most impressive and innovative. Great news considering I have spent over 15 years trying product after product that was recommended in magazines and by Hollywood’s best. You realize it is more important to find out what is working for our friends (great to have a professional in the mix ). Our friends are the ones that we know will just tell us what they think without any sponsorship behind it. Skin care is one of the best gift ideas for our closest friends and family. The skin care that we offer is nothing less than what we would recommend to our closest friends and family.


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    Hi, nice article. I really like it!

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