*Nano Pure Facial C


NANO PURE is the purest form of Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate formula available in the market. It provides a perfect stability with a total biodisponability of Ascorbic Acid properties. It provides dermal collagen formation, acting efficiently toward anti-aging. Prevents free-radical damage, as it is the most effective antioxidant. Premium skin care.

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Product Description

Protect: NANO PURE is a highly effective antioxidant – to scavenge free radicals, protects the skin against damage caused by sunlight and aids in faster recovery and better skin.

Support: Collagen production decreases with increasing age, leading to stenšovaniu and loss of skin elasticity. Thanks to significant absorption capacity of the active substance NANO PURE supports collagen synthesis and counteracts the loss of elasticity and premature skin aging.

Sun damage reduction and repair: Active inhibitor of melanogenesis. NANO PURE blocks the activity of tyrosinase in melanin synthesis, resulting in lightening of the skin and prevention of additional dark spots.

Produced in Switzerland by ISIS Pharma.

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Weight .045 kg
Dimensions 14 x 5 x 4 cm


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