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Top Five Natural Hair Treatments Put To The Test!

Do you wish you could have that perfect hair day every day? If you are like me, you have “great” hair days, but more often have the “not so great” hair days. It feels great to have that salon great hair look. Searching the internet for great hair tips turns up a ton of product for sale and quite a few blogs about how you can use natural ingredients found right in your kitchen. It all sounds great, but I never am sure which product or treatment will actually work. I decided to choose the five most promising natural hair treatments and put one to the test every week. Here are my results of my five week experiment.

1. Baking Soda is credited with the softening effects of an alkaline wash as well as the ability to add volume by reducing product build up. The Method recommended is to mix 1/4-1/2 cup baking soda with enough water to make a paste and apply to wet hair. Leave for 10 minutes before rinsing. The Result was good. I would recommend this treatment as a once a month clarifying routine.

2. Egg Yolk is known to add shine and boost hair strength. The Method recommended is to mix 3-4 egg yolks in a bowl and apply to dry hair. Leave for 20-30 minutes before rinsing with a light shampoo. The Result was very good. You could repeat as often as once a week.

3. Coconut oil is so popular right now. It is said to penetrate the hair for a deep condition and repair.  The Method recommended is to apply liberally to dry hair. Leave for 15 minutes before blow drying. Follow treatment with a full wash and condition. The Result was ok. It was hard to remove completely and it left my hair quite oily looking at the ends. A result similar to an olive oil treatment. I would recommend if your hair is dry and damaged.

4. Honey is said to condition and soften the hair. The Method recommended is to apply liberally to wet hair. Leave for 20 minutes and follow with a regular shampoo. The Result was good. My hair was softer, but not dramatically. I would rather recommend adding a teaspoon to your shampoo regularly if you want a subtle hair improvement.

5. Cinnamon has been used to stimulate hair growth and add an overall shine. The Method recommended is to combine 1/4 cup olive oil with a tablespoon of ground cinnamon and apply liberally to the scalp and gently massage it in. Leave for 10-15 minutes before a full wash and condition. The Result was good. I didn’t like how difficult it was to wash out. I would recommend mixing cinnamon into your shampoo for those with thinner hair. The olive oil is likely too greasy for thinner hair.

My favorite overall natural hair treatment was the egg yolk. Great lasting results! For each test, I chose not to combine them (except for the cinnamon), so that I could know for sure what effects the individual ingredient was having on my hair. In the future I would mix it up for better results. For example, I would use banana, avocado, mayonaise or apple cider vinegar in combinations that work toward a desired result. My next project will be to determine what the best hair masks are for the top five hair woes. Stay tuned!

Top Ten Coolest Gifts List For Online Shopping

Looking for unique gift ideas? We have compiled a list of what we have found to be the most popular, and the coolest, online gifts so far this year.


10. Small Gadgets – Stockings will be brimming with little treasures which could include an iPad joystick for the gamer or wireless car mouse for the sports car fanatic.

9. Scarves – They are soft and keep us warm. More importantly, add a scarf to your everyday outfits as an instant upgrade and it can take it from ordinary to gorgeous and funky!

8. WalletsWallets come in many adorable shapes and sizes, but one of our favorite reasons to recommend a wallet as a gift is that you can include a gift card or cash inside. The double wow reactions make a wallet such a fun gift to give.

7. Wine Accessories – As nice as it is to give wine as a gift, it is even nicer to accompany it with a bottle tag or wine chiller.

6. Sweets – Caramel is so popular on its own, but added to popcorn and finished with drizzled white and milk chocolates is truly divine! Our leader in the sweets category.

5. Candles – A gift that appeals to our senses with a variety of scents for every mood.

4. Books – In this age of the Kindle and smart devices, it is hard to imagine that books would have a place in the top ten selling gifts this year. The books that have been selling particularly well are photo rich and usually have unique content such as cocktail recipes or hangover cures.

3. Socks – They are trending this year with more creative designs. They are even getting edgy. We have seen many colorful varieties over the years, but this year they are more fun then ever.

2. Silver Bead Bracelets – Perfect gift for daughters, teens, moms, sisters and BFF’s. Charms have been top of the gift charts for years now, but the classic appeal of the smaller silver balls and a simple addition of a single charm has an elegant and simple appeal.

1. Faux Fur Fingerless Gloves – It has been difficult this year to keep these adorable gloves in stock. The price point is unbelievable! They are very cute in a variety of colors and they are smart phone friendly!!

Online shopping can be fun and make your life easier, especially when you can find a little something for everybody. And all at one place too! So did we miss any gift ideas for 2013? What are some of your unique gift giving ideas? Both our good and evil (sorta) sides want to know. 😉

Beauty & Fashion Against Ageism Event

Do you take the opportunity to celebrate the many aspects of the women in your life whom you cherish and admire? We think the opportunities arise far too infrequently and we are proud to be part of the Ageless Beauty & Fashion event. We will be showcasing girlfriend gifts and personal style items in celebration of those women.girlfiends
Friday–September 6-2013
The Waterfall Building-
1540 West 2nd Avenue

An Evening Of Celebrating Ageless Beauty & Fashion for the Mature, Confident, Classy Woman
who support Caroline MacGillivray’s wonderful Beauty Night Society.

Beauty Night Society builds self-esteem and changes lives for women and youth living in poverty through 3 streams of programming wellness, life skills development and makeovers.Changing the world one life-makeover at a time. Beauty Night because dignity is beautiful. 12 years, 26 000 life-makeovers, thanks to 500 volunteers.




portion of proceeds benefit Beauty Night Society

Available at and Bella Garnet Beauty Salon-1042 Hamilton Street, Yaletown.


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